Harry SilvermanAaron Kischel

Harry Silverman and Aaron Kischel are proud to announce the formation of Synagogue Solutions USA, Inc., a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to provide high quality, affordable consultation to the synagogue and nonprofit communities in North America.  Harry and Aaron have each served the Jewish community for over forty years and are excited to utilize their experience and expertise to provide personalized leadership training, board development, fundraising assistance, administrative support, membership development and programming assistance to congregations and nonprofit organizations.

In addition to these services, Synagogue Solutions offers Jewish heritage missions to Cuba.  Both Aaron and Harry have traveled extensively to places of Jewish interest around the world and have successfully led many groups.  These missions offer participants a unique opportunity to visit the Jewish communities in Cuba along with several other points of interest and provide personal service by two knowledgeable and caring hosts.

Harry has led numerous missions to Cuba and has developed a strong relationship with the communities we will visit. 

For further information on these and other programs of Synagogue Solutions USA, please contact:

Aaron Kischel  – 781-799-4765, 


Harry Silverman  – 561-961-9460.